Saturday, August 18, 2012

Journey's End?


I titled this blog with this question, journey's end, because I'm wondering if the completion of my Masters is the end.  I actually know it's not.  Acquiring this wealth of knowledge requires me to pass it on.
I learned passion is as much a part of you as breathing.  It's with you morning, noon and night. 
I learned that there is a community of practicioners ready and waiting to be asked to share my passion, because it coincides with their own.
I learned of the many Early Childhood opportunities possible, globally.  If I had known about these opportunities or if they existed when I was younger I would have taken advantage of them.  Maybe not, it might have meant missing out on marrying my wonderful husband of 29 years who encouraged me through this journey to,"get your homework done".
My future goals are to pursue my Doctorate, but not immediately.  I made my daughters promise to have me committed if I even mention this within the next year.  I will be 60 on June 28, 2013 and my plans are to run a marathon on or close to my birthday to celebrate that milestone.  In the African culture you are considered an Elder at 60.  I like the respect that comes with the age but I'm, by no means, OLD.
I just found my favorite quote and it's exactly how I feel. "I used to want the words, She tried, on my tombstone.  Now I want, She did it"~Katherine Dunham.
To my colleagues who have journeyed with me to this point, WE DID IT and we're not through!!!
Please enjoy the following song, we are all teachers and this song tells us to teach the world.
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I wish you all the best and God bless.
Stephanie Higgins
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           Dunham, K.,(2011).[Quote]. In J. Pine (Ed.), Book of African-American
 Quotations (pp. 53) Mineola, NY:  Dover Publications
Backer, B., Davis, B., Cook, R., & Greenway, R. (1971) I'd Like to Teach The World To Sing
 recorded  by TheRealBirdLady


  1. It has been a great pleasure sharing this journey with you. I have learned so much through your experiences. Good luck and take a much needed break before starting on your next journey.

  2. Stephanie-

    I love how you titled your blog with a question mark. But as we all know it is not the end. I have learned that in working with children you learn something every day, even things we don't really want to know. I wish you the best on your next adventure of the Doctorate. My father got his he said "to prove that I could". Good Luck

  3. Stephanie,

    You are truly an inspiration! I agree that the passion that is within is what drives us and it is all encompassing--thank you for saying in such a way that I too could own how it is I feel everyday when I walk into my program. Good luck to you...and I think I will be right there beside you as I think both of our families will have us both committed when we start our doctorate programs.