Saturday, August 4, 2012

Jobs/Roles in ECE Community: Internationally

Quality is not only a focus for child care in the United States but it is important in the international arena also.  The organizations I chose are:

  • UNESCO - Education For All (EFA) who has a Global Monitoring Report that provides information on the state of education globally
The position open at this time is one for a Research Officer. The ideal candidate will have a research background of at least four years.  The candidate must be academically trained at the post-graduate level.  Have a specialization in Education, Economics, Politics or other Social Science disciplines.
The salary is $95,420.00 if you have dependents or $89,075.00 if there are no dependents.  The researcher will provide quantitative analysis on certain themes, communicate in public forums and prepare written materials requiring excellent oral and written communication skills.  The closing date for the position is September 7, 2012  the job is located in Paris, France.

  • The HighScope Foundation -   This organization conducts research, develops curriculum, trains adults working with children and publishes material related to children.
The position posted was for Preschool, Elementary School and Middle School Teachers.  The job requires a degree in Education or related field.  The candidate must speak and write English well.  The person interested in this position must be creative, energetic and up for challenges.  He/she must participate in teacher training and professional development.  These positions are in Jakarta, Indonesia.

As we grow in our careers we venture into consulting on a part-time or full-time basis.  This next international job addresses those who may have a desire to pursue that realm of employment.
  • ICF International - This organization partners with clients worldwide to provide services and implement solutions that protects and improves the quality of life.
The position posted is that of Senior Consultant in Education and Training.  The ideal candidate for this job will have a proven track record in the educational field. The position requires organizational skills as well as strong presentation skills.  This candidate will have consultant experience in research and evaluation and have worked in a research environment.  Strength in analytical writing, report writing in high level quality English required.  Proposal writing is also required as is project management experience.  The candidate needs to be detail oriented, able to work independently, and speak another European Language.  This job is in Brussels, Belgium.


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