Friday, January 20, 2012

Communicating Differently

We communicate differently in the various arenas in which we find ourselves.

 When we are communicating with our significant others  casually, we may use empathetic listening skills (O'Hair & Wiemann 2009).

 Babies listen with their eyes (O'Hair & Wiemann 2009).  Words are yet to have meaning so they watch how we are communicating with them.  This is a skill we use less as we get older.

 There are times when communicating with other cultures can be difficult.  We must be other oriented (Gonzalez-Mena 2010).  We need to learn how to better relate to other (Gonzalez-Mena 2010).

 The Three strategies I will use from what I learned this week are:
  • Listen with my eyes (O'Hair & Wiemann 2009) 

  • Pay better attention to nonverbal communication (O'Hair & Wiemann 2009) 

  • Adjust to differences (O'Hair & Wiemann 2009)  by providing communication in languages families understand.

Gonzalez-Mena, J.(2010).  50 stratigies for communicating and working with diverse families.
      Upper Saddle River, NJ:  Pearson Education, Inc.  
O'Hair, D. & Wiemann, M. (2009). Real Communication An Introduction  Boston, MA:
     Bedford/St. Martin's


  1. Stephanie,
    Your images are great!:-) I love the photo of the ear/eye. I had not picked up on that phrase "Listen with your eyes" from the text but think it is a wonderful strategy that I will add to my list.

  2. I absolutely love the eye within the ear, which really emphasizes the importance of watching for clues that our listeners are giving us based on their interpretation of our message. So much is said through nonverbal communication, if we only would "listen with our eyes".

  3. You always provide so much helpful information. As our colleagues have already said your images are so great. It us so important to understand that people from other cultures communicate differently. Learnung how to communicate with them is very important when meeting their needs.

  4. Stephanie, this is a great blog. I appreciate the pics and how you incorporated the week's lessons. I need lessons. :-)