Saturday, October 8, 2011

Research Around the World

It is so important, as we study research, that we look at what questions are being asked in places other than the United States. 

There are numerous research projects being done and/or already completed that cover: 
  • Staff training
  • Building community leadership
  • Assessment of quality child care services in selected orphanages
  • Caring practices of motherless children
  • Coordination and supervision of early childhood education
  • Culturally and developmentally appropriate exploratory learning concepts
  • Parents' and other caregivers' perception of early childhood
  • Integrating indigenous knowledge in early childhood development training and services
  • Improving the quality of child care through parenting enrichment and training of trainers
  • Involving fathers in early childhood care and development
The surprising fact that I found, was many of the studies have an impact, not only on the direct community being studied, but also on the world wide community.  With all the problems in the Sub-Saharan region of Africa, like AIDS, warfare, political struggles, and famine to name a few; the daily welfare of the children and their parents and helping them realize a fuller life, is still a priority.

The noteworthy information is that this website is not common knowledge to many early childhood professionals I work and interact with daily.  I was not aware of the ECDVU-SSA, until this course.  This website has a plethora of information, for review that is useful when contemplating a study on children.



  1. Stephanie-

    I also was unaware of this site until this course. I have always had an interest in education in Africa. You are right the topics they are studying can have a huge impact not only on the families involved in those communities but world wild. It is good to see that the same concerns we look at other countries feel are important also.

  2. Stephanie,
    I also chose this site because I found a wealth of resources that would be beneficial to every early childhood educator. I came across this article on improving the quality of childcare through parenting enrichment and training of trainers: The Eritrean Model. The article highlighted and educated me on some insights that had kept me biased as a person. It is good that I came across this site.

  3. Hi Stephanie this site was very interesting and just like the USA other countries have the same interest in helping the communities, families, and children do affect all of us.