Saturday, August 20, 2011

What I Learned, What I'll Do

The 3 consequences of learning about the international early childhood field for my professional and personal growth are:

The priorities for the field we have in the United States are not the same as in other countries.  Examples of the differences are:

 Obesity vs. Famine

            Health Care vs. Aids

 Clean Air vs. Clean Drinking Water.

2.  There are people, all over the world willing to share their knowledge.

3. There's a vast amount of information available on many subjects related to early childhood from a number of sources and resources to both help and share.

Setting one goal for the field related to international awareness of issues and trends and the spirit of collegial relations was difficult.  After a lot of thought I've decided, at our next planning meeting of our local and state AEYC, to advocate for inviting an international speaker to the annual conference to address pressing early childhood issues, hopefully within the next year.

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  1. Hi! Stephanie I have enjoyed reading your post and comments to my blog. I wish I could be their at your next planning meeting discussing early childhood issues in early education. I am so glade that we have professionals like you to speak out on issues relating to EC. All it takes is one voice to make a difference.