Saturday, July 9, 2011

Sharing Web Resources

I shared some of this information on last week's blog but it doesen't hurt to repeat good information.
The professional organization I chose was National Black Child Development Institute (NBCDI).
NBCDI is celebrating 40 years of service to children and families.
The link for this organization can be found at

The organization was conceived by the Black Women's Community Development Foundation whose concerns were that of the unsatisfactory conditions faced by families wanting to rear healthy children.
The mission of NBCDI is, "To improve and protect the quality of life for children of color and their families by giving every child a chance".
NBCDI has made tremendous strides in its efforts to improve the lives of children. The core program areas are:

  • The Early Years and Parenting - Love to read, The Parent Empowerment Program, African American Parents Project and SPARK: Supporting Partnerships to Assure Ready Kids.
  • The Middle Years - Entering the College Zone
  • Community Mobilization - The National Affiliate Network
The International organization I chose was World Forum On Early Child Care and Education.  The link can be found at

The mission of the World Forum Foundation is to promote an on-going global exchange of
ideas on the delivery of quality services for young children in diverse settings.
One of the current issues that caught my attention while looking at the website is: Men in ECE.
 (MECE) provides a global meeting place for male and female early childhood professionals to reflect on the value of gender balance in early childhood education and the benefits and barriers to men’s full participation, and to identify actions to promote these important issues worldwide.
 Men are important in children's lives, especially young boys being raised by single females and so many times there are no positive male role models/mentors available in the place they spend many of their waking hours and that is school.  Having worked over 35 years in Early Childhood, I can count on one hand the number of males I've met working directly in the classroom with children under the age of 5 years old.  I find this initiative very interesting. 

I learned from these resources that, as Early Childhood Professionals, we must keep abreast of what is happening, not only locally, statewide and nationally but also internationally because it all impacts the children we serve.



  1. Stephanie,
    I was a member of the NBCDI organization in the past and need to renew my subscription to the organization. I really like the organization's view on child development and how to serve children in the African American community. Their programs have proved to be effective in helping families gain a better outlook on their children's success in school.

  2. Stephanie
    I am glad you chose NBCDI. I moved away from the National Council for Educating Black Children, because I wanted to broaden my perspective as an early childhood professional. However, the school I'm working with in Indianapolis is over 90% Black, so I need to connect to a Black organization to stay linked to the most current research and best practices.